What is the Rate My Cyber Service?

The Rate My Cyber service is a new cyber security ratings service being offered by NAH Consulting Ltd intended to provide you with an expert assessment and rating of how safe the systems you use to do business are from cyber security threats.

Following a Rate My Cyber assessment we will assign a rating for your system or service which can then be used by you to inform any cyber security related business decisions you have to make and to provide your business partners and customers with confidence that your organisation's approach and attitude to cyber security can be relied upon.

This service is not intended to provide you with a compliance audit against a particular security standard, scheme or regulation and there is no bar to entry or prerequisites. Our experts will work with you to establish what you are doing today to protect your business and customers from cyber security threats and provide you with a rating accordingly, this service is about providing you with an expert and honest view of your cyber security and not about compliance.

The rating we assign to your system or service will be based on an expert opinion, formed from our cyber security knowledge and experience alongside the use of cyber security risk, threat and maturity analysis and assessment methods. Once we have provided you with a rating we can also provide you with advice, guidance and recommendations for improvement.

Our assessments and ratings provide no guarantee that you or your business will not become a victim of cyber security threats. They will however provide you with an expert perspective on what you are doing today to protect your organisation.

All organisations care about cyber security and no business is too big or too small to take advantage of this service, if you would like to learn more about how this service works then please contact us here or visit How does the Rate My Cyber service work?