How Does Rate My Cyber Service Work?

The Rate My Cyber service typically involves 3 phases of activity, these are:



Rate and Report

Further information on each of these phases is provided below:


Our experts will work with you to establish a scope for your Rate My Cyber service assessment. Firstly our experts will meet with you to gain an understanding of what your business does, and how you do it. Initial engagements will also seek to understand what you are doing today to protect your business against cyber security threats. Once the initial engagements have been completed we will work with you to agree a scope for our assessment and provide you with a proposed plan of the work to complete an assessment.  If you accept our plan of work then we will carry out any assessment and reporting work that has been agreed. We will keep you informed throughout and our aim is that you completely understand what we are assessing, how and why.


To form an opinion about the cyber security status of your system or service our experts will need access to information about what you do, how you do it and what you care about. This information can be provided to us in the form of documentation or face to face through engagement with you and your staff. During scoping activities we will discuss and agree with you the type of information we need to conduct an assessment. Assessment activities can be carried out either onsite with you or at our offices dependent on the type of assessment work we need to do and the type of information we need access to.

Our experts are experienced in using cyber security risk, threat and maturity assessment and analysis approaches and we will use the tools and approaches that are right for you and the cyber security challenges you face.

Because all organisations and businesses are different it is very hard to estimate, with any accuracy, the time an assessment will take. We will, however, agree with you how long an assessment will take before any work starts.

Rate and report

During this phase of activity our experts will analyse the findings from the assessment phase and assign a rating to your system accordingly.

We will provide you with this rating accompanied by a report that will explain to you why and how the rating has been arrived at and if necessary provide you with recommendations for improvement.